Mosen Liquid Silicone Rubber

Liquid Silicone Rubber Application

· 3C Electronic Terminal Application

·New Energy Terminal Application

 ·Self-adhesive Application Solutions

· Antistatic and Dustproof Application Solutions

· Liquid silicone rubber for self-lubricating auto parts

· Heat-resistant application solutions

· Medical grade application solutions

· Antibacterial Application Solutions

· Baby and Food Contact Application Solutions

· Flame Retardant Solutions

· Optical grade application solutions

· Human Body Imitation Application

 · Insulation Application

· 3C Electronic Application

· Vulcanizing agent

· Medical Grade Application

· New Energy FlameRetardant Application

· Peroxide bridging agent

Solid Silicone Rubber

· Silicone gum

· Silicone rubber compound

· Fumed silicone rubber

· Insulating silicone rubber

Our Customers

Adhere to quality, continuous R&D, and innovation. Realize the functional application of products for customers, make a number of successful cases in formula design, accumulate rich practical experience, and apply it to the world’s top 500 and high-end customers in the industry. In recent years, it has been outstanding in the following customer applications!