Fluoro rubber

Fluoro rubber ALD-FL-70B


Product Description:

FL-70B Fluorine rubber compound is fast vulcanized, anti-scorch, used for watch straps, low-pressure variable, high strength, high wear resistance, methanol gasoline, fuel oil, antistatic and other varieties. It is suitable for the production of O-rings, Y-rings, pure rubber gaskets, extrusion automatic rubber rolls, large-section fluorine rubber products, etc.


Excellent high-temperature resistance, resistance to most oils and solvents (except ketones, and esters), excellent weather resistance, ozone resistance, operating temperature range -30°C-260°C.

Storage: Precautions for use <Rubber Mixture>, store in a cool place, and use within the shelf life. Fluorine rubber must be isolated from water and stored in an environment.

Safety measures in use:

① Please use the vulcanized rubber compound in a well-ventilated place, and install a local exhaust device if necessary.

② The environment of rubber products is the high temperature when used, and may come into contact with the skin during use, so wear gloves for protection. Fluorine rubber is strictly prohibited from being polluted by sulfur.


NameFluoro rubber compoundModelALD-FL-70B 
Testing EnvironmentTemperature 25°C; Humidity 75%
Quality testing index
One-stage vulcanization condition:170℃*10min Two-stage vulcanization condition: 230℃*12h 
Regular TestingUnitRequired valueMeasured valueTesting partyNote
HardnessShore A70±570ASTM2000 D2240 
Tensile strengthMPa≥611.6ASTM2000 D412 
Tear strengthKN/m≥1027ASTM2000 D412 
Elongation at break%≥160254ASTM2000 D412 
Pression set 200 ℃*22h%≤2511ASTM2000 D395 
230℃×70h hot air aging
Hardness change(%),maximum+10+1ASTM2000 D537 
Change rate of breaking strength(%),maximum-20-2ASTM2000 D537 
Elongation change rate(%),maximum-20-8ASTM2000 D537 
Hardness change(%),maximum-5+1ASTM2000 D471 
Volume change rate(%)0~+50ASTM2000 D471 
 150℃×70h Resistant to 3# standard oil
Hardness change(%),maximum-5+1ASTM2000 D471 
volume change rate(%)0~+15+2ASTM2000 D471