Fluoro silicone

 High resilience (low-pressure variable) fluorosilicone rubber ALD-D-G10 series

1. Translucent or milky white high-resilience fluorosilicone compound rubber, with good physical properties and processing properties, has the characteristics of good resilience, low-pressure change, fast vulcanization speed, and good fluidity, and is more suitable for production Seal products.

2. How to use: Mixing: First, remix several times on the open mill, add a vulcanizing agent, and then adjust back to 0.5mm-1mm thin pass 8-10 times after eating the material, and then leave the film and park it.

Vulcanization: The mixed rubber with the vulcanizing agent added is re-milled, and then it is sliced or cut into the desired shape, and then molded and vulcanized on the molding machine.

3. Storage method: store in a dry environment at room temperature, valid for one year.


Reference fuel C strength change (%) (23℃x2h)Model G1030G1040G1050G1060G1070G1080
Appearancevisual inspectionTranslucent or off-white, smooth surface, no impurities
Hardness (Shore A)ASTMD24030±540±550±560±570±580±5
 Tensile strength (MPa)Die CASTMD129.510.
Elongation at break (%)DieCASTMD12430410355332270205
Tear strength (KNmDieBASTMD24161717181817
Compression set 177℃ 22hr25%) Type BASTMD956.
Vertical resilience (%)ASTMD632313132323232
Reference fuel C volume change (%) (23℃x2h)ASTMD471171717171717
Reference fuel C strength change (%) (23℃x2h)ASTMD471-20-20-20-20-20-20
Reference fuel oil C elongation change (%) (23℃x2h)ASTMD471-20-20-20-20-20-20
Heat aging resistance strength change rate (%) (225℃x2h)ASTMD573-17-17-17-17-17-17
Heat aging resistance elongation rate (%) (225℃x2h)ASTMD573-10-10-10-10-10-10