Peroxide bridging agent

This product is mainly finely synthesized by organic peroxide, silicon polymer, and functional additives. Mainly used for silicone rubber, ternary rubber, and functional The vulcanization and crosslinking of functional special rubber is added through an open mill or internal mixer mixing. Applied to 3C electronic protective cover, medical equipment, sports products, kitchen utensils, cable accessories, auto parts, aerospace ship accessories, and other fields.


· Common sulfur trace solutions· Solution to sulfur resistance and long  vulcanization time
· LAB value digital color grading solution· Functional color solutions
Visulized Quality DataProduction Abnomarlity Solution
· Sulfur curve tester· False vulcanization
· Yellowing constant temperature oven· T10 Time is too short, T90 too long
· Hardness tester· Brittle over vulcanization
· Tear resistance tester· Prone to yellow
· 100T Flat vulcanizing machine· Long vulcanization time
Technical Focus
· Professional supplier of silicone bridging  agent· 3C Electronic protective case professional supplier
· Domestic large-scale bridging agent supplier· Professional supplier of wear accessories
· Professional supplier of kitchenware products· Professional supplier of power accessories