Standard Silicone Rubber for Molding and Extrusion

Standard Silicone Rubber for Molding and Extrusion


● Various keypads for electronic & electric appliances

● Electrical insulation components, automotive accessories

● Industrial & civil seal rings, miscellaneous parts

● General industrial & civil silicone rubber products, and translucent articles

● Physical data in the above table is for reference only.


● Vulcanization condition: 175℃* 5Min.

● Ratio of curing agent liquid 2,5-Dimethyl-2,5-di(tert-butylperoxy)hexane:0.65%.

●The supplied test report is obtained by the Quality Inspection Department with the curing conditions and testing method of the company; due to the difference of curing conditions and testing method, we can’t guarantee that both parties obtain the same testing result, and we suggest that users should use the test data obtained under their own testing conditions as the reference for service performance. All the above performance data and application recommendations are only a reference for use on the service performance of product, instead of a guarantee on the effectiveness or general applicability of our products under a certain application.


PropertiesProduct DataTest Method
AppearanceMilk-white, translucent,no obvious extraneous matter.VisualInspection
Density,  g/cm31.07~1.111.10~1.141.13~1.171.16~1.201.19~1.231.20~1.241.22~1.26ASTM D792
Hardness,  Shore A30±240±250±260±270±280±286±2ASTM D2240
Tensile Strength,  MPa  ≥ D412
Elongation at Break,  %    ≥60042035030022018080 
Tension Set,  %        ≤67656 
Tear Strength, Die C  kN/  ≥151922201810ASTM D624
Compression Set, 180℃*22h ≤45353025ASTM D395
Rebound Resilience, %  ≥6055504540/