Product design, Sampling & Mold Manufacturing

· Product Design: We can provide a variety of services, including market research, product concept design, 3D modeling, prototyping, product optimization, etc. According to customer needs, we can design product solutions that can meet market and customer requirements from different angles and dimensions. We can also optimize according to the design scheme provided by customers to improve the manufacturability, production efficiency, and cost-effectiveness of the product.

· Sampling: We can provide silicone rubber raw material and auxiliary material sample-making services, and make samples that meet customer requirements according to customer requirements and material requirements. This can help customers test their material properties and usage effects before formal production to ensure that it meets product requirements.

· Mold manufacturing: We have many years of manufacturing experience and advanced equipment, and can manufacture various types of molds, such as injection molds, die-casting molds, stamping molds, etc. We can customize a special mold manufacturing plan according to the customer’s product requirements to meet the customer’s production needs. We can also optimize and maintain the customer’s existing molds to improve the life and production efficiency of the molds.

Formulation, Color Matching & Testing

· Color matching: We can make samples of silicone rubber raw materials and accessories that meet the requirements according to the color requirements (Pantone) provided by customers. By adjusting the depth, brightness, tone, etc. of the color to meet the individual needs of customers. We can also provide customers with color matching services to help customers match the color of silicone rubber raw materials and accessories with other materials to ensure that the appearance of the entire product is coordinated. We can precisely measure and match colors using color-matching instruments and other techniques to ensure color accuracy and consistency.

· Formulation: We can also provide customers with color R&D and innovation services to meet customers’ needs for new colors. We can cooperate with customers to jointly develop new color formulas and applications to meet customers’ application needs in different fields. We can also provide customers with formula formulation and optimization services to help customers formulate the best material formula to meet product performance Require. We can adjust and optimize the formula according to the customer’s requirements and product characteristics, so as to improve the performance of the product and reduce the cost.

· Testing: We can also provide customers with material testing and analysis services. The company is equipped with professional testing instruments to test the physical properties, chemical properties, heat resistance, cold resistance and other indicators of silicone rubber raw materials and auxiliary materials. This can help customers better understand material properties and scope of application, so as to choose the most suitable material to meet product needs.

OEM service

· Product design and development: We can design and develop products according to the product needs and requirements provided by customers. We have a professional product research and development team that can provide customers with first-class design and research and development services to ensure that products can meet customer needs and market demands.

· Manufacture: We have advanced production equipment and production technology, and can manufacture according to the product requirements provided by customers. We have first-class production technology and management, which can ensure the quality and delivery time of products.

· Packaging and labeling: We can carry out product packaging and labeling according to customer requirements. We can provide customers with personalized packaging and identification solutions to meet customer needs.

· Quality management and testing: We have a strict quality management and testing system to ensure that the quality of products meets customer requirements and international standards. We can provide customers with quality inspection reports and product qualification certificates to ensure customers’ confidence and trust in products.

Equipment Purchasing Service

We can provide equipment purchasing services, providing customers with one-stop procurement services, including silicone rubber production equipment, processing equipment, laboratory equipment, etc.

We understand the brands and models of various equipment on the market and have established long-term cooperative relationships with well-known equipment manufacturers. We can provide customers with advice on equipment inquiry, comparison and selection, help customers choose the most suitable equipment for them, and provide the best price and delivery time according to customer needs.

Our purchasing equipment services include:

·Equipment inquiry and selection: We will provide the best equipment brand and model according to the customer’s needs and budget, and provide customers with a detailed equipment quotation.

·Equipment ordering and procurement: Once the customer determines the equipment to be purchased, we will process the order for the customer and coordinate the communication with the equipment supplier.

·Equipment transportation and installation: We will arrange equipment transportation and installation for customers to ensure that the equipment can be safely transported and correctly installed and used at the customer’s place.

·After-sales service: We will provide customers with after-sales service and technical support to ensure the stability and reliability of the equipment during use.